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Sergei Malkin

Sergei Malkin is a licensed therapist practicing in Barcelona and the Netherlands. His approach is very inclusive, holistic, and dynamic. He will be your guide through trauma towards wholeness.

Persevering Through Illness

Perhaps, you are diagnosed with a serious illness. This changes your life and the lives of your loved ones. Perhaps you are facing unexplained physical ailments. It may be anything from headaches, malaise, migraine, muscle aches, fevers, rashes, etc. What if the medical world seems to have no explanation? What if the symptoms stubbornly recur and start dominating your very life.

If we are diagnosed with a disease or face undiagnosed ailments, we want to get rid of them as soon as we can. We go to the doctor hoping for pills and medical treatment. Indeed, going to a medical specialist remains indispensable to your physical health.

Nonetheless, any physical ailment also has a psychological aspect. Changes in our bodily integrity can deeply affect us. You may feel scared. You may feel caught between panic, disbelief and hope. How to get over this and get back on track? How to cope with this? These symptoms and questions equally deserve professional attention, care and relief.

In addition, a holistic approach sees a physical ailment as a message. Your body is an integral part of your whole being. It reacts to your behaviour, thoughts and emotions. You can learn and understand the hidden message. It can provide valuable guidance for future.

While you obtain medical care elsewhere, I can offer you professional assistance to relieve your anxiety and help you cope with grief and confusion. Together we will look at the psychological roots of your physical complaints. It will speed up your physical and psychological recovery.

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