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Sergei Malkin

Sergei Malkin is a licensed therapist practicing in Barcelona and the Netherlands. His approach is very inclusive, holistic, and dynamic. He will be your guide through trauma towards wholeness.

Hacking Living Abroad

Sometimes life takes you places and uproots your very existence. When you emigrate, you undergo a number of changes. You arrive and everything is new. You might feel confused or restless. You might feel like you are hanging by a thread and there is no solid ground under your feet. Or you might feel intimidated or isolated.

New people, new places, new language and culture, new country: How do I adjust? What do I retain? What did I leave behind and what did I bring along? How can I connect to the new and not lose who I am?

Emigration belongs to a group of traumatic life experiences. Whether chosen or forced, it comes at a price. This experience can provoke emotional turmoil. Coping with this experience and its consequences takes place in stages. How we react and cope depends on our personal history, personality and needs.

You are welcome to explore how it affects you. I will provide professional assistance and relief in going through this stage and dealing with your new situation.

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