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Sergei Malkin

Sergei Malkin is a licensed therapist practicing in Barcelona and the Netherlands. His approach is very inclusive, holistic, and dynamic. He will be your guide through trauma towards wholeness.

Cultivating Intimate Relationships

Burden and nuisance

Do you feel misunderstood or ignored by your partner? Are your unable to reach him or her? Are you tired of constantly being blamed? Fed up with lengthy debates that end up in icy silence or a tug of war? Your Slim4vit buy a research paper relationship or marriage, which not so long ago was happy and loving, seems to be on the rocks. Is it just a rough patch or a collapse?


Sometimes it feels like a dilemma. Should you work for a future together or apart? Is this what I need? Sometimes you feel caught even in two struggles: the struggle with your partner and the silent struggle inside. These are big questions. If you are still together, there is still a connection and hope. You don't have to undergo these struggles alone. You can get professional help and guidance.

Professional guidance

Relationships develop in stages. Each stage requires attention and work from both partners for their connection to mature. It is awfully difficult to disentangle relationship issues on your own. Counselling can help you as a couple to deal with the challenges of intimacy and distance, rejection and acceptance, power and vulnerability. You can rediscover what connects and separates you. You can find support along the way by an unbiased yet involved professional.

Learn from crisis

A crisis in a relationship offers an opportunity for growth, recovery and authentic reconnection.

I offer you as a couple professional counselling. I will help Slim4vit buy a research paper you look into, understand and eventually improve your patterns of communication. I will help you work past your ‘projections’ and (re)discover your needs. You will be able to reconnect on a different level or decide on a respectful separation.

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