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Millstream Productions

Millstream Productions is a boutique production company based in North QLD. We've worked the length and breadth of Australia helping our clients share stories no matter how challenging the brief or location. We work with businesses; from small companies to global brands, television broadcasters, community groups and education sectors in producing high quality, unique video content.

  1. Yirriwerrkilyelying majungwunama yarningangkawura ngawa yarna (We have much to be proud of) - Kathleen Mamarika

  2. Mardayin Ceremony Numbulwar

    A snap shot of the 2016 Mardayin ceremony in Numbulwar.
    Mardayin is an extended ceremony that happens over a period of three or four months once a decade. In 2016 ceremony Jungayi including Earnest Numamurdidi, David Murrungun and Binju Nalmi invited us to collaborate in the production of a series of films with Numbulwar Culture and Media. This is one of a suite of short clips that local crew from Numbulwar Culture and Media are producing for local communities. We thank all for giving us this once in a life time opportunity to assist in recording of this wonderful ceremony.
    This ceremony was filmed on the 13th of June 2016.

  3. Dinjamala Mamarika

    Lorraine Jane Dinjamala Mamarika was born in 1937 at Awarrika.
    As a girl her family walked and travelled by canoe all over Groote Eylandt archipelago. Much of their time was spent at Dalumba Bay. Recorded here is a site called Memerrimanja, a place Dinjamala hasn't visited since she was five.

  4. Australian Barramundi Farmers - Farm To Plate

    A story from our farmers. Come with us on a journey to see where our Australian Farmed Barramundi comes from and how good it looks and tastes once on a plate.

  5. COLTO Legacy

    This video showcases who COLTO are. Founded in 2003 to eliminate IUU fishing for toothfish, and to ensure the long term sustainability of Toothfish resources, and the rich and critical biodiversity of the southern oceans. At that time, IUU catches were double the legal catches of Toothfish, but through the combined efforts of CCAMLR, Flag States, Port States, conservation NGOs and industry, those levels of IUU fishing are now virtually zero, along with seabird bycatch being at ‘near-zero’ levels.

  6. Coral Coast Fresh Whitsunday Saltwater Barramundi

    We are extremely proud to call the idyllic seaside town of Bowen in North Queensland our home. It is this location that sets us apart from other farms. Situated in the northern Whitsunday region overlooking beautiful tropical islands and coral reef, we have a constant supply of clean, oceanic sea water.



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