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Millstream Productions

Millstream Productions is a boutique production company based in North QLD. We've worked the length and breadth of Australia helping our clients share stories no matter how challenging the brief or location. We work with businesses; from small companies to global brands, television broadcasters, community groups and education sectors in producing high quality, unique video content.

  1. Tasmanian Seafood - We Are Community

    We are part of the Tasmanian landscape.

    We take great pride in bringing our iconic seafood to your table.

    Our working waterfronts capture your hearts and minds,

    And our produce excites your tastebuds.

    We are in your community, we belong to your friends and families.

    We are Tasmanian Seafood | We are Community.

  2. World class fisheries and aquaculture research at IMAS

    As a research institute of excellence in temperate marine research, IMAS works in collaboration with the Tasmanian Government to ensure Tasmania's marine resources and industries are sustainably developed and managed.

    Through the Sustainable Marine Research Collaboration Agreement (SMRCA) with the Tasmanian Government, the University of Tasmania and IMAS undertake world-class research into temperate marine and coastal fisheries and aquaculture, support the effective and sustainable management of Tasmanian marine resources, and ensure maximum benefits accrue to the Tasmanian environment, economy and industries.

  3. Our Yolŋu Story of Faith_trailer

    Our Yolŋu Story of Faith: a story about our people, our language, our faith, our culture. Hundreds of indigenous Australian languages and traditional cultural practices are dead or dying. In remote communities across North East Arnhem Land, a team of learned Yolŋu has worked tirelessly over generations to keep language, faith and culture strong. The impetus for their work may not be what you’d expect. Produced and edited in Galiwin'ku Arnhem Land.

  4. SeSafe - What if you don't come home?

    The SeSAFE project commenced in 2018 funded by the FIsheries Research and Development Corporation and the Australian fishing and aquaculture industry. The goal of this initiative is to raise awareness and improve safety performance in the fishing and aquaculture industry Australia wide.

  5. Drawing The Line (2013) - Promo #2 [HD]

    Drawing The Line is a revealing tale about Australia's oceans and the men and women who depend upon it for their livelihood. The ocean is a fickle mistress, friend one day foe the next, but the Australian Fishing Industry faces a threat that is far greater than any they immediately face at sea.

  6. Austral Fisheries 2017

    Nov 2017 Austral Fisheries were awarded the Banksia Foundation Small to Medium Business Sustainability Leadership Award. “We are proud to be working with our climate partner Carbon Neutral on this journey. Thanks also to Millstream Productions for putting this little video together for us! #Banksia2017”



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