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Mills Auto Xtreme

Check out these cool videos to see what the Mills MAX Accessories Team can do for you!

MAX Your Ride! with the Mills Auto Xtreme Custom Accessories Team! Toll Free: 866-455-7638 or 866-455-7288.

The MAX team at Mills Auto Xtreme has the talent and expertise to give you the best custom graphics, wheels, exhaust kits, lightbars, and anything else you can imagine to create your own badass car, truck, jeep or SUV!

Pick any new or used vehicle from anyone of our 5 locations in Brainerd and Willmar, MN; and let us show you how we can MAX your Ford, GMC, Buick, Toyota, Scion, Nissan, Chrysler, RAM, Dodge, Jeep, Honda or Lincoln!

Or check out the new MAX custom vehicles in our showrooms that are ready to roll at: and

...and thanks for shopping the Mills Automotive Group!