ONE Mission: Living Our Values

The ONE Mission is the heartbeat of our company's culture; without it, we lack the driving force for excellence in our industry. This mission and our core values are competitive assets that set us apart. The Living Our Values video series showcase employees from MVerge who are the heartbeat of the ONE mission.

Do you know an employee who should be featured in the Living Our Values series? Contact your Corporate Communications department, we would love to hear!

ONE Mission - Living Our Values: Safety First and Foremost

At MVerge, our primary goal is to ensure that each of our employees makes it home safely to their family and friends. We refrain from shortcuts, we apply the Smith 5 Keys, we don’t text and drive, and we wear proper PPE as a means to achieve that goal. We work as a team to look out for one another, for our community, and for our customers. We believe Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Whether you work in the field or the office, we look to one another to champion our culture of safety.

With your continued dedication to Safety First and Foremost, we will continue to build on our reputation as a best in class contractor within this competitive industry. Throughout the year we encourage you and your teams to focus on working and living safely; keeping in mind the things in your life that motivate you to keep you and your team safe.

In this video, Miller Pipeline Director of Safety Andy Cleeter gives insight into the core value of Safety, how we live it, and how we can keep it at the forefront of our minds each day. Then, you'll meet a crew out of Dayton, Ohio, who assisted two children who were struck by a vehicle while trying to cross a busy interstate.

Take a second and think – why do you keep Safety First and Foremost?