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Under certain conditions, like resolution is 4k or 4k(HD) aspect, bitrate (H.264) is between 60Mbps and 120Mbps for shorter clips. To make sure it falls within specification and doesn't just scrape by Set your export size to full 4k or UHD using H.264 with Profile 5.2 and a constant bitrate of 120Mbps.

A bonus is the 2.5k streaming, content of 2560x1440 will benefit from much higher bitrates (over double from full HD on Vimeo, not the 720p standard version) for streaming. A sweet spot really for those who do not wish to allow the high bandwidth requirements of 4k.

  1. British Camping

    Update Vimeo HD, 2k, 4k Streaming version now here.

    Dorset, South Coast , UK - Eweleaze Farm camping & Jurassic coast.
    A couple of day with my Son and my sisters & their friends.

    Shot back in August 2014 & thrown together this morning.
    Shot on the Red Epic Dragon at 6K, 5K & 4k.

    H264 4k Source:

  2. Fading Light - Atomos Shogun, Brighton (4k Vimeo)

    Update (In case you are having trouble with the 4k streaming) 1080p version

    Very quick trip to Brighton on the South coast of the UK. Shot in the fast fading winter light with Philip Bloom. We were both doing our initial tests with the Atomos Shogun, 4k Recorder. My test is only with the Sony A7S with Cine Gamma 4 (Cine4) and (Movie) Colour mode. Really like SLOG on the A7S, just not in low light.

    Its a very nice fairly light, easy to use 4k capable machine. Really brings the Sony A7S into a new light. The perfect companion for this and a few other cameras.

    H.264 at 3840 x 2160 (Profile 5.2) 60Mbps, unfortunately due to compression, you will see banding and blocking that is not on the ProRes version. Could do with 200Mbps on this, might re-render tomorrow.

    Graded using custom 3DLuts & curves.

    Download the H.264 4k file here.

  3. 2160p UHD

    4k UHD Streaming

  4. 1440p HD

    2.5k HD Streaming

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    Standard 1080p HD Streaming

  6. UHD 4k

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