Call him Captain Hook. Mikey writes melodies so infectious they should come with a vaccine. Mikes lengthy list of clients includes GM, Toyota, Government of Canada, Health Canada, McDonald's, Swiss Chalet, Canadian Curling Association, Coke, West Jet Airlines,Warehouse One, Manitoba Tel,Telus, Sask Tel, Manitoba Lotteries, SK Lotteries, BC Lotteries, and Tourism BC/Sk,Manitoba Tourism. And as recognition for the work he's done, Mike has received awards from the IBA, New York Festival, Lotus, Signature, and Summit.

Michael has just finished his 12th CD for music libraries out of the UK and Germany.
His music and be heard all over the world. Family Jewels, America's Most Wanted, Pawn Stars, American Idol, Anthony Bordain,The Fifth Estate, Inside the PGA and Miami Ink.

What do these TV shows share in common? Michael Rheault's music.



Music to Suit

"Music to Suit" is Michaels visual demo showing how his music can make picture come to life.

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