Live A/V project by Rochester, NY video artist Mike Celona

Cinematheque 2019-12-07 (1st Mix)

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Mixcloud - - A/V mix performed live in the studio by Mike Celona on December 7th, 2019. Video produced with VDMX, Paracosm Lumen and a LZX Vidiot analog synthesizer. Music mixed with Serato.

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Track List:
Nowwhat - ASOK
Activation - LO SHEA
January's End - Nigil Caenaan
Outbreak - FAC3OFF
Test Tubes (Mind Against Celestial dub) - SCB
Dreamscapes - SLV
Regular People - D'Marc Cantu
Group Cohesion - MYK DERILL
Mastelloni - LUCA LA ROCCA
Paretos Law (Robert S (PT) remix) - Rebekah
Revar - FLUG
Eye To Eye (Subjected remix) - MICHAEL KLEIN
Apollo (Cassegrain remix) - JEFF DERRINGER
Origin In Orbit - DESNA