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This site has been created as part of the shared ERO vision of "a highly reliable and secure North American bulk power system." The videos on this site are intended to help MRO stakeholders and registered entities be Highly Effective Reliability Organizations or HEROs. Use the search tool above to search videos by keyword or content.

MRO 2023 RRA Webinar

The RRA was developed with input from industry experts and is focused on risk identification, prioritization, and mitigation. The 2023 RRA found that severe weather, along with rapid changes in generation resources, technology, and consumer demand, continue to present a number of challenges to regional grid planners and operators. Increasingly sophisticated cyber and physical security threats are also urgent risks that need to be addressed. Of the 17 risks assessed, 8 rose to the top as most likely and/or impactful within MRO’s footprint. This webinar provided an overview of the process used to develop the RRA and went in depth on the top 8 risks to the MRO region. The remaining 9 risks were also reviewed.