Mambo Jambo 19th Anniversary

Top of the Pops — Mambo 19th Anniversary 2011
Wed 3 Aug | Zouk

A national phenomenon and possibly the most popular and longest running mid-week party in Singapore's nightlife history, Mambo Jambo turns 19! An essential clubbing experience for virgin partygoers who have just turned 18, the Mambo Jambo revelry parades an extraordinary flamboyance with classic anthems on the playlist, and an enthusiastic crowd dancing in perfect synchrony.

Mambo Jambo veterans and green horns, it's time to flex those muscles as Mambo Jambo returns for its 19th brilliant anniversary! A name synonymous on everyone's lips every Wednesday, come ready to bust those hand signs to your favourite Pop songs of all time as Mambo Jambo goes over the top and pays homage to the music that ruled the airwaves from the 60s all the way to the present. Surprises galore are in store so come ready to Pop it like it's hot!

video on zouk's page :



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