Welcome to our monthly Medisoft Tips & Tricks recorded meeting. In our meetings we demonstrate how to get the best out of your Medisoft investment and use the software to its maximum potential. All of the Medisoft training will be compatible with version 20 or version 19.

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Medisoft Tips and Tricks Nov 2015

How to send secondary claims electronically?
What to do with an Alert status on a claim?
How many Diagnoses codes can you use?
How can I fix the Dx error status on a claim?
Recommendations to avoid timely filing . What reports do you need to run?
How to find out patients deductible amounts and how much they met toward their deductible?
How can physicians compare what their insurance pays them against other physicians?
Do you need to send worker compensation or/and no fault claims electronically? How can you?
Sneak peak to the new financial dashboard
Status updates on ICD-10

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