Welcome to our monthly Medisoft Tips & Tricks recorded meeting. In our meetings we demonstrate how to get the best out of your Medisoft investment and use the software to its maximum potential. All of the Medisoft training will be compatible with version 20 or version 19.

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Medisoft ICD-10 Training Sept. 15, 2015

This video is about Medisoft ICD-10 Training Sept. 15, 2015. Medisoft has all the tools you need for your full revenue cycle management. All the CPT codes for your specific scenario, ICD 9 and ICD 10 are included within the encoder pro. This allows lookup and transaction times to be as efficient as possible.
Medisoft ICD-10 mapping cross-walk sends your CPT codes in your desired method which includes input options on mobile apps including the iPad or iPhone. Send primary or secondary claims by paper or electronically. Claim scrubber software incorporated in Medisoft uses CCI and user edits to reduce your claim rejections before your claim even leaves your office. Choose between entering a transaction manually or via charge capture.

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