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How MACRA is affecting Podiatrists

How MACRA is affecting Podiatrists? Starting in 2017, a large percentage of podiatrists’ Medicare payments will be based on value – not on volume, like the current fee-for-service system. High value care will be defined by measures of quality and efficiency, and podiatrists will earn more or less depending on their performance against those measures.

macra-medicarePodiatrists that are billing $30,000 of Medicare and see 100 or more Medicare patients per year are subject to comply with MACRA. Podiatrists failing to participate will be subject to a deduction of 9% per year. All the money will be deducted from podiatrists ignoring MACRA and be allocated back to the podiatrists that excel in performance on MACRA guidelines. Microwize is committed to helping podiatrists to be among the top providers avoiding penalties and striving for bonuses. The difference between a 9% penalty and a 9% bonus is 18%; please ignore this message if you don’t care about 18% of Medicare income, otherwise join our meeting.

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