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Michelle Sokolich

Sharing stories about yourself and your business invites people into your world.

And the best way to do this is with video. Video captures moments like no other - it portrays more than lights, colours, and pictures; it captures emotions. These emotions are what make us real and allow our customers to really connect with us.

If you want your business to be seen, to stand out from the crowd...then you need to be using video. Video gives you higher engagement, more visibility, and drives sales.

Whether you want me to create beautiful video for you, or you want to learn to do it yourself - email me on

Little Bird - Crowdfunding Campaign Video

Little Bird needed a little help. On the verge of opening a new store their investor fell through and they had to turn to crowdfunding. This video needed to capture their personalities so people could connect with them and their mission, as well as provide crucial information on how the money would be used.

From Megan and Jeremy:
"The video was critical. It basically was our campaign. It created something that could be easily shared amongst friends, groups and different media channels. At the time I think we were one of the most successful campaigns on Pledge Me, we managed to raise over $48,000, well above our $20,000 initial target"



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