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The Invasion of lobsters

The Invasion of lobsters is the first video commissioned to Macinino™ by the Lago furnishing company for the presentation of its new collection of modular kitchens called 36e8.
Also in this case, Macinino™ has first of all captured the character of the object that has been entrusted to him and he has exctracted it from the sheer material in order to convey it to the public by the artistic language of images.
Although The Invasion of lobsters too is shot in stop motion, unlike the previous productions by Macinino™, this video has been developed starting from a basic storyboard and carried out in a set and with props built on purpose. Therefore, this time the Macinino™’s gears leave less space to improvisation.

Talking about its products, the Lago company says: “madness spreads to whole the house, now it’s in the kitchen”. The kitchen asserts itself as the place of irrationality and fantasy. And who can express the idea of irrationality better than one of the characters played by Woody Allen, with their neuroses and endless psychotherapies? Thus, the face of the actor/director becomes, in this work by Macinino™, icon of an everyday life lived “outside of the box”. And if in the kitchens 36e8 the electrical appliances are suspended as if “riding a lobster” (as the Lago S.p.a. describes them in its web page), then Macinino™ transforms the crustacean in the co-protagonist of the video, with a clear reference to one of the most amusing scenes in the movie Annie Hall by Woody Allen himself. Unllike the movie, although, the modules that compose the kitchens 36e8, thanks to their innovative structure, are so functional as to be opened, in the Macinino™’s imagination, by a mere “coup de pincer”.