Incompetence will show in the use of too many words.

Macinino starts

Some people asked us to explain them what Macinino™ is. We have tried to explain it. We were not able to do so. Then, instead of explaining it, we have decided to tell about it.
We have thought up a tale, that is not a traditional story, it is a narration through symbolic and metaphorical images. We have imagined an eccentric inventor whose name is Alan Bik, a bit scientist and a bit alchemist, who, in his absurd laboratory, looks for the magic formula to build a machine that enables him to transform objects. Alan Bik is not a realistic character; he is something like a metaphor, and symbolizes the artist who, through his work, tries to transfigure the starting object into the idea he has in his mind. Alan looks for the right way to make the transformation he has in mind, and so he makes a lot of experiments that always fail; at the beginning he creates complicated machineries that, because of their invasive actions, destroy the object instead of transforming it. But when he is losing all hope he understands that the final solution was within reach, and it was extremely simple and effective; his coffee grinder suggests him the right idea to create a magic Macinino™, that at last works to perfection: the Macinino™ doesn't force anything on the object, but it just makes transformations that bring to something new and different. And where everyone sees white clouds he sees a red ball. Now it is no more a simple Macinino™; it has become Macinino™.