Incompetence will show in the use of too many words.

the macinino

Macinino™ is the answer to a need, felt in a particular strong way by two Paduan artists Antonio Pivetta and Paolo Fontana, who are operative in the contest of art, design and communication of emphasizing the ideal and material process that accomplishes to the final product more than the product itself. Very often external factors prevail on the artistic flair and on art expression; this fact narrows the artist’s freedom of speech down. By that statement of fact, and because of the consciousness of the need of a more straightforward and involved contact with the art works sales leads, has arose the idea of establishing a shared project that could enable an independent approach to art, communication and commerce.
The project guidelines are just few and simple: emphasize more the creative process than the final product; rouse new points of view; share and exchange one’s knowledge; act because of an internal motivating force and need.
Everything else is improvisation.