This portfolio contains our Year in Review videos. These videos highlight our mission work from the previous years and will give you a photo synopsis of things we've accomplished by God's grace and the help of our ministry supporters. For more information go to

  1. 2013 Year in Review

    2013 was an amazing year for Message Ministries and those that we serve with in Peru, North India and Southeast Asia! By God's grace, mercy and power we were able to continue to expand on all fronts. We are especially excited about new opportunities in the 10/40 window. This video is a short compilation of the work and ministry the Lord is allowing us to do along with an amazing team of mission supporters, indigenous leaders and of course the power of the Holy Spirit.

  2. 2012 Message Ministries - Year in Review

    God is making His glory known to the world! Watch our year in review video, and see how He's used Message Ministries to advance His Kingdom in 2012.

    God is doing beautiful things in Peru and India as we partner with people, ministries and churches in the USA and Peru to proclaim the gospel through both practical and spiritual ways.

  3. 2011 Year in Review

    2011 was an awesome year for Message Ministries and Missions Inc. God allowed us to do so much, and we are so grateful to Him as we look back and see all the beautiful opportunities He gave to serve Him. This video is a photo synopsis of those things.

    A special thank you goes out to all our mission team members and to all our supporters for your prayers and gifts! Without you these things would not be possible!

  4. 2010 Year In Review

    This year in review video shows the many different opportunities we had to minister on the mission field in 2010. By God's grace we continue to grow as a ministry, allowing us to reach out to more people with His message of hope, in both spiritual and practical ways.

  5. 2009 Year in Review

    2009 opened up some new doors of opportunity for us as we continued to take steps of faith through the doors the Lord presented before us. We praise God for all He allowed us to be a part of in reaching people with His love in 2009.

  6. 2008 Year in Review