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Jesus Music Flashback

Welcome to Jesus Music Flashback! We play great music from the Jesus Movement and beyond. I’m your host Brian Mark Weller and together we’ll take a musical journey back to the time when Contemporary Christian Music got its start. We’ll be inspired by the music that inspired a generation, my generation and the generations that followed. You’ll hear from the musicians that broke through the stained glass ceiling and helped bring a lost generation to God. I hope you enjoy the shows posted here and we invite you to e-mail us with your requests and suggestions for future shows at Hear us every Saturday on!

  1. #8 Jesus Music Flashback - 90's Show

    This weeks show is an all 90's show including the following songs:
    1) SHINE by Newsboys
    2) BIG HOUSE by Audio Adrenaline
    3) IF LOVING GOD WERE A CRIME by Big Tent Revival
    4) PRAY WHERE YOU ARE by The Lost Dogs
    5) EVOLUTION REDEFINED by Geoff Moore and The Distance
    6) LEAD YOU HOME by Michael W. Smith

  2. #9 Jesus Music Flashback Radio Show - Missions Music Edition

    Show #9 was a show dedicated to songs and artists that inspired us to get out of our comfort zones and to get involved in missions and evangelism. We will have more shows like this in the future:
    1) BOYCOTT HELL - Degarmo and Key Band
    2) CASUAL CHRISTIAN - Degarmo and Key Band
    3) LEND A HAND - Brian Weller
    4) WHO WILL SAVE THE CHILDREN - Randy Stonehill & Phil Keaggy
    5) ASLEEP IN THE LIGHT - Keith Green
    6) OPEN YOUR EYES - Keith Green

  3. #10 Jesus Music Flashback - 70's Show

    This weeks show is an all 70's show with the following songs and artists:
    1) COME INTO HIS PRESENCE - Paul Clark and Friends
    2) PLEASIN' YOU, PLEASES ME - Terry Talbot
    3) ANYONE BUT JESUS - Barry McGuire
    4) BE A RECEIVER - Benny Hester
    5) COME UNTANGLED - Parable
    6) I LOVE YOU - Larry Norman
    7) I AM A SERVANT - Larry Norman

  4. #11 Jesus Music Flashback Radio Show

    This weeks show is an all 70's VINYL show. All the songs were downloaded from the original VINYL records from the 1970's. Hope you enjoy this weeks artists and songs!
    1) Callin' You Home - Chuck Girard
    2) Questioning Heart - Albrecht, Roley and Moore
    3) Jeremiah - Michael Omartian
    4) Where is Your Maker - Phil Keaggy Band
    5) Johnny's Cafe - John Fischer
    6) Little Pilgrim - Love Song
    7) I Wish You Jesus - Scott Wesley Brown

  5. #12 Jesus Music Flashback -All 80's Show

    This weeks show is an all 80's show with the following artists and songs:
    1) Humble Yourself by 2nd Chapter of Acts
    2) Surrender by Allies
    3) Fly Eagle Fly by Whiteheart
    4) Trains Up In the Sky by Mylon Lefevre and Broken Heart
    5) Rise Again by Dallas Holm
    6) Friends by Michael W. Smith

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