2019 MEMIC Safety Awards

MEMIC Honors ABM Mechanical for Workplace Safety

ABM Mechanical, Inc. of Bangor, Maine was recently honored with an award for exceptional on-the-job safety performance during The MEMIC Group’s Annual Meeting of Policyholders. Only eight employers, out of more than 21,000 MEMIC policyholders across the country, received a 2019 award for workplace safety from the workers’ compensation insurance specialist.

With more than 100 employees, ABM Mechanical is one of the leading, largest, competitive mechanical systems contractors in the state of Maine. Founded by Albert Allen, William Brown and Michael McHugh in 1995, they became a 100% employee-owned company in 2016.

When it comes to safety, Michael McHugh said, “You lead by example. How can you expect your employees to do it every week if you can’t do it yourself?” MEMIC’s assessment concurs.

“Management is committed to workplace safety and health. They have strong employee involvement and they have a very strong injury management program,” said MEMIC Safety Management Consultant Hartley Webb. Webb noted ABM Mechanical’s proven safety record stands at an exceptionally low experience modifier of less than 0.67 for the last five years.

“When we tell general contractors that are new to us about our low experience mod, they don’t believe us,” said William Brown. “The most important thing is that everybody goes home at night without an injury.”