2019 MEMIC Safety Awards

MEMIC Honors Golden Artist Colors for Workplace Safety

Golden Artist Colors, Inc. of New Berlin, New York was recently honored with an award for exceptional on-the-job safety performance during The MEMIC Group’s Annual Meeting of Policyholders. Only eight employers, out of more than 21,000 MEMIC policyholders across the country, received a 2019 award for workplace safety from the workers’ compensation insurance specialist.

Golden Artist Colors manufactures artist quality materials including colors and mediums for painting in acrylics, oils and watercolors. After 30 years of innovation in the paint making business and building relationships with New York City’s most famous artists, Sam Golden started Golden Artist Colors in 1980 with his family in a renovated barn in New Berlin. The company now is majority owned by its employees and has been recognized by The White House for its Corporate Citizenship.

“Golden is a different company,” said Senior Safety and Health Specialist Eileen Reynolds. “Maybe it’s because we’re an art company, there’s a lot of emphasis on the human element here. Not every company can do it that way, they have a different reality. Our reality is that we make the world beautiful.”

“Being safe means taking that extra moment, that extra breath, to stop and make sure everybody is aware of the safety requirements. Training and retraining take time and effort,” said Mark Golden, CEO and son of founder Sam Golden. Mark Golden has been recognized as Small Business Person of the Year from the U.S. Small Business Administration and this year received the Champion of Arts Education Award from the Center for Arts Education.

“They have their safety down. The bases are covered. Golden Artist Colors treats their employees incredibly well, and they’ve evolved a safety culture that is all too rare among employers,” said MEMIC Safety Management Consultant Randy Morehouse. “Supporting or introducing that culture, though, is what MEMIC brings to the table.”