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Orbie for Orphans 2012

153 million children live without a family 365 days a year. Each year, 99 percent of those will not be adopted. In light of this startling statistic, Orbie for Orphans is focusing on those left behind.

These children struggle, especially when it comes to believing they are valuable and loved. They feel worthless and are full of fear. They have trouble trusting people and most importantly, trusting God. Therefore, there is a tremendous need to restore their shattered lives.

Orbie for Orphans exists to bring light into the dark world of orphans by creating awareness and engaging the church to be a part of the rescue process.

Our mission is guided by these 2 questions:
*What can Orbie for Orphans do to help the 99% that will stay in darkness, without the love of a family?
*What tools are needed by churches and mission organizations that are working on the front lines with these children?

Our mission is to develop and distribute a year long, weekly Bible Study curriculum for these children and teenagers, while addressing the unique needs they have as orphaned and foster children.

Orbie for Orphans seeks to serve churches, missionaries, teachers, and orphan relief organizations around the world by putting this desperately needed tool into their hands. As the curriculum is translated into multiple languages, we’re excited about the opportunity to reach the most broken of all with the most powerful tool of all, the gospel and God’s Word.