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The ABORA IV expedition – sailing a reed boat along the “iron route” to the pyramids

This journey through time will make history, regardless of how it ends. Exactly 50 years after Norwegian researcher Thor Heyerdahl’s first spectacular expedition in a reed boat, Dr. Dominique Görlitz will embark on a fourth incredible voyage, again in a boat made from reeds. In 2019, this German scholar, experimental archaeologist, and long-time sailor will attempt to sail from Sochi, in Russia, across the Black Sea, through the Bosporus and over the Mediterranean in SE direction in a replica of a prehistoric boat, following the wake of the legendary Argonauts.
Dr. Görlitz expects the expedition will corroborate his theories that even in early times – over 5,000 years ago – people could navigate against the wind and deliberately change their direction. Demonstrating, and proving, these assumptions would also support his findings that the ancient Egyptians were already using iron tools to build the Pyramids of Giza, iron that they transported via waterways from the Caucasus Mountains to Egypt.
“Many historians and experienced sailors doubt long-distance trade on this difficult route was at all possible in a reed boat,” he says. “Yet I staunchly believe humankind had mastered the wind and the elements far earlier than we now assume. If my voyage along ancient trading centers is successful, I can once again demonstrate that there must have been extensive trade across the seas in prehistoric times. Waterways were today’s highways.”