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Technology Video Productions Demo Samplers

Technology Video Productions is the new name for my production company in Houston, Texas. Formerly known as "Offshore Films", TVP continues to specialize in producing first-class video presentations of your product and/or services for your website. Our 30 years of experience still includes oil/gas related productions. We concentrate on telling the story of YOUR company or manufacturing facility in a precise, concise, and effect manner. Please visit our portfolio section often and watch for our latest demos which will be coming very soon.

Please contact for more information.

  1. Technology Video Pro. High-Definition Sampler

    A short demo of high-def 1080p scenes, corporate and industrial in nature. Please click on the 4-arrow "expand" button next to the letters "HD" to view full frame...and be sure that "HD" is colored blue. If gray, then HD is not on. Click on the HD letters to turn to blue.

  2. Technology Video Pro HD Aerial Demo

    This is a short demo showing some of our aerial work.

  3. Technology Video Pro. Standard Definition Demo

    This is the standard definition demo for Technology Video Productions. These scenes were not filmed in high-definition. Please do not expand to full screen.

  4. Technology Video Pro Animation Demo

    A selection of animation segments produced by Technology Video Productions for various shows in the past.
    Not high-definition; please do not expand to full-screen.

  5. "Threads"

    This is a test project I filmed using my Sony PMW-350K camera. Lighting consisted of a single instrument overhead and a bounce card in the front. The machine was against the wall, so there was no room for back lighting. Music is a bit on the grandiose side at the end, but otherwise seemed to work well for the visuals. This 1946 lathe is nearly devoid of color as well, unless you call gray a color. Anyway, I like it!

    I welcome any constructive criticism, and thank you for your two minutes.

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