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StreamLiner Cinema Dolly System

Demo samples showing the StreamLiner Cinema Dolly System in action.
PLEASE turn HD off if video is jittery, or better yet, download the HD version before viewing.

Please contact for more information on the StreamLiner Cinema Dolly.

  1. StreamLiner Demo #1

    This demo shows the StreamLiner Cinema Dolly with different camera packages installed, and shows some
    table-top shots. All shots are lateral tracking to demonstrate the slow and precise speed possible when using the motor-drive option. In most instances, you will be tracking into or away from the subject to make the most of a background in motion.

    Please contact for more information on the StreamLiner Cinema Dolly.

    Thank you for watching.

  2. StreamLiner Cinema Dolly, Demo 2

    A short demo that features the StreamLiner Cinema Dolly being used. All sample footage was acquired with the Sony PMW-350 camera.

    Please contact for more information on the StreamLiner Cinema Dolly

  3. StreamLiner Productions HD Aerial Demo

    This is a short demo showing some of our aerial work. (Company name changed from Offshore Films)

  4. StreamLiner Productions Standard Definition Demo

    This is the standard definition demo for StreamLiner Productions (previously Offshore Films). These scenes were not filmed in high-definition (old Beta SP footage). Please do not expand to full screen.

  5. StreamLiner Productions High-Definition Sampler

    A short demo of high-def 1080p scenes, corporate and industrial in nature.
    (Previously Offshore Films)

  6. "Threads"

    This is a test project I filmed using my Sony PMW-350K camera. Lighting consisted of a single instrument overhead and a bounce card in the front. The machine was against the wall, so there was no room for back lighting. Music is a bit on the grandiose side at the end, but otherwise seemed to work well for the visuals. This 1946 lathe is nearly devoid of color as well, unless you call gray a color. Anyway, I like it!

    I welcome any constructive criticism, and thank you for your two minutes.



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