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Western Maine Audubon

Be educated on the local wildlife by guest speakers at the Western Maine Audubon.

Audubon - Patty Cormier - Unique Characteristics of Trees ~ November 10th, 2021

Why do trees have individual characteristics? Why is some bark smooth and some rough? Some light colored and some dark? Why are some leaves lobed and some smooth along the edges? Patty Cormier will answer many of these questions and more. This is, she says, one of her favorite topics.
Patty Cormier was appointed as Maine State Forester in 2019. For the previous 20 years, she was a District Forester for the Maine Forest Service first in the mid coast, then in the western mountain regions. Prior to that, she was a Landowner Assistance Forester for Georgia Pacific Corp. in Downeast Maine for 10 years. Over the years, Patty has been involved in organizations such as supervisor on the Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District, Farmington Conservation Commission member, secretary and Somerset County chair for the Maine Tree Farm Committee, and former board member of the Maine Woodland Owners of Maine. Patty is an on-call firefighter for the Farmington Fire Department as well as a part-time Advanced EMT for Northstar Ambulance. Patty grew up in the beautiful western mountains in Kingfield and now lives in Farmington with her husband and two dogs.