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Screenwriting - production - direction - shooting - post-production

L'anima nella bottiglia (soul in a bottle)

L'anima nella bottiglia (soul in a bottle) is an independent and international VIDEO PRODUCTION that infuses the talent and creative juices of up and coming video artists working together on a common project that transforms and develops into a collective film.

The project is aimed at VIDEOMAKERS, DIRECTORS, WRITERS and ARTISTS whose imagination provides the perfect platform to create and produce different episodes that merge into the film.

The BOTTLE is both the film's main character and link between the episodes.
It KICKS OFF and ENDS each episode, propelling the author's soul around the world.

To be continued

© 2010 L'anima nella bottiglia (soul in a bottle) is an idea and a project by Max Borsani.

Subject and screenplay: Max Borsani
Production: Max Borsani
Production assistant: Edoardo Corvi Mora
Director/DoP: Max Borsani
Actor: Alberto Beccio.
Atmoshpere actors: Edoardo Corvi Mora and Giuseppe Borzone.
Editing: Max Borsani
Audio: Stefano Fiorio
Camera (Canon hdv XHA1): Chiara Cavallazzi.
Dialogue translation: Aldo Colella
first track: Stefano Fiorio (female voice, Vanessa Carpentier)
Second track: Golden Age by Luca Tozzi (library MusicMedia

We thank Vetrobalsamo S.p.A. for the permission to use and edit their images of the bottle manufacturing process.