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Leyendas del Tango

LEYENDAS DEL TANGO, "Leyendas Tango Festival", an International Festival of tango and Argentinean Culture with the participation of argentinean Artists internationally known in the world of Tango and of the argentinean Culture: dancers, orquestas, musicians, writers for people coming from Miln, Italy, Europe and the rest of the world.

It will take place in the marvelous Palazzina Liberty of Milan, Italy during the EXPO IN CITTA' of may 2014 (22-25th may). The end of the Festival will be the 25th of may, the day of the anniversary of the Argentinean national holiday, la Revolución de Mayo.

LEYENDAS DEL TANGO! comes from an artistic and creative relationship between Myrna Gil Quintero (Casa Cambalache) and Roberto Herrera, dancer, coreographer, known to be one of the best tango dancers of the world, a real LEYENDA DEL TANGO!

There will be 4 couple of argentinean tango teachers, most of them for the first time in Italy with different styles and different ages in order to share and to transfer different experiences.
During the Festival we will organize a program of events related to the Cultura of Tango and of the Argentinean Cultura in general, in order to bring the people close to the places, the social-cultural context where the miracle of tango was born, Tango which is still alive!

The Tango is according to UNESCO "Cultural Heritage'': Represents and promotes cultural diversity and dialogue (Dubai, September 30, 2009).

Contact: Myrna Gil Quintero - mail:

Leyendas del Tango. Backstage 1 - 21-5-2014

Mercoledì 21 maggio 2014.
In Palazzina Liberty gli artisti di LEYENDAS DEL TANGO si preparano al GALA d'Inaugurazione del Festival (giovedì 22 maggio 2014)
Prove di Roberto Herrera&Laura Legazcue che interpretano Yuyo Brujo suonato dal vivo da "Lo Que Vendrà" insieme al compositore pianista Ariel Rodriguez e la voce di Esteban Riera.