mats landström

Mats Landström is a filmmaker, artist and sound designer.

  1. Wavelenght

    Cast: Helena Norell and Mats Landström.
    Video and Sound Design by Mats Landström.
    Duration 08:55
    Year. 2017

    A sound composition about a man and a woman. They try to communicate with each other. But they have no words. Just audio signals.

  2. Thames

  3. The Dolls

    The Dolls
    Director: Mats Landström
    Duration: 02:00 min
    Year: 2012

    They are best friends and always together. Everyone is so beautiful, looking so happy. They are forever young in a perfect world.

    Panasonic GH2
    Panasonic 20mm f1.7 Pancake

  4. Södra Kyrkogården

  5. Tate

  6. Helena Espvall - A Tiny Heart Blossoms On My Fingertips

    Music Video for Helena Espvall
    Video: Mats Landström
    Music: Helena Espvall
    Duration 04:25
    Year. 2012



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