M. Asli Dukan


M. Asli Dukan is a filmmaker and visual artist who has been producing, directing and screening her subversive short speculative fiction films since 2000. In 2017, her mixed-media installation, “Resistance Time Portal”, which centered Black radicalism in a futuristic narrative, made its debut in the Distance≠Time exhibition at the Icebox Project Space, co-presented by Philadelphia’s Black Quantum Futurism collective. She has been the recipient of several grants, awards and fellowships, including a 2016 Transformation Award from the Leeway Foundation, a 2016 NBPC 360 fellowship from Black Public Media, and in 2018, a Flaherty Seminar fellowship. In 2018, she also completed Resistance: the battle of philadelphia, a 6-part, near future web series about a community’s struggle against state violence. She is in post-production on Invisible Universe, a documentary about Black creators in speculative fiction and in development on the anthology horror film based on the book, Skin Folk by Nalo Hopkinson. She is the programmer of SPECULATIONS, a touring film showcase spotlighting speculative/imaginary/fantastic films by filmmakers of African descent.

73 | 13:30 min | 2008

A pregnant young worker runs away from her corporate state owner to seek freedom for herself, her unborn child, and to set into motion a plan to bring down the government that has held her confined since she was a child. When she crosses paths with an undocumented immigrant shop owner, she wonders if she will she be helped, turned in, or if the armed agents of the ubiquitous corporate state government will catch up to both of them first?

Producer | Director | Editor: M. Asli Dukan