Commercials & Branded Series
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  1. Mark Gantt Director's Reel


    Currently being distributed on SnagFilms

    Winner “Best Director – Short Film”
    FirstGlance Philadelphia Film Fest 2012

    Winner “Best of the Fest”
    Indie Cinema Series Festival 2012

    Official Selection
    Beverly Hills Shorts Festival 2012

    Official Selection
    Unofficial Google+ Film Festival 2012

    Winner Best Actress – Alexis Boozer
    Unofficial Google+ Film Festival 2012

    "SUITE 7"

    Currently distributed on LIFETIME.COM

    Shannen Doherty – Best Individual Performance
    Webby Awards 2012

    Best Dramatic Series
    BANFF Rockies Award 2011


    Winner Best Horror/Suspense Short Film
    New Orleans Media Festival 2004

    Official Selection
    Newport Beach Film Festival 2004

    Official Selection
    New York Short Film Festival 2004

    Official Selection
    LA International Short Film Festival 2004

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  2. PCFB Spot #1 (Commercial)

  3. Seamlessly She - Family Time (Branded)

    Branded series for AOL and GMC starring Monica Potter.

  4. PCFB - Spot #2 (Commercial)

  5. Nissan's Heisman House - Contact Sport (Commercial)

  6. Suite 7 - Good In Bed (Branded)

    Suite 7 - Anthology digital series produced by CJP Digital for the Better Sleep Council and LIFETIME.
    Directed by Mark Gantt
    Written by Susan Miller
    Produced by Wilson Cleveland & Mark Gantt
    Starring Eddie McClintock & Jaime Murray

    NEW YORK TIMES REVIEW (Mike Hale) Best, so far, is the more sober, 11-minute “Good in Bed,” starring Jaime Murray (“Dexter”) and Eddie McClintock (“Warehouse 13”) as a divorcing couple brought together, for a moment at least, by that magical bed.