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Festival Films

Films I've been fortunate enough to have been selected for various live and online festivals, and other films I did for the fun of it.

Book it! -- Official Selection, Art By Chance Festival, 2015

Here's a short short I did for the Art By Chance Festival for 2014. And here's the description from the festival:

With all the competition for our attention these days, it seems that people read fewer books, which is a shame because there’s nothing like the feeling of "getting lost in a good book.” Even filmmakers and film lovers can get inspired by a good book for its dialogue, colorful passages and intricate plots. That was the inspiration for this film, which is a comedic look at the demise of reading for the fun of it. This film was shot in Stamford, Connecticut, USA, in the interior and exterior around Mark’s home. Shot it with a Canon t3i DSLR and an iPhone 6. Edited in Sony Vegas Pro and sped up the footage to four times normal speed.