Summit: Middle East Investors

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Gina Sanchez, Chantico Global on how the asset allocation framework works for the institutional investor

Gina Sanchez, Chairwoman & Founder of Chantico Global and the Chairwoman of the Middle East Investors Summit discusses balancing long-term macro fundamentals and short-term market dynamics to gain steady returns. Though we have been teetering on the edge of the end of the bond bull market, policy makers have done all they can to stave off the inevitable and markets have hung on every word, creating an interesting interplay between the fundamentals and the market reaction. Conversely, the ultimate cleaning of corporate balance sheets has yet to be met with the cleaning of household balance sheets and the demand creation that goes with that. The long awaited shift to the equity bull market has yet to materialise and the much awaited emerging market bull run has been met with bumps along the way. While the long-term dynamics suggest a certain course, the long run is made up of intermediate term outcomes that have created opportunities for more nimble investors or frustration for longer term investors.

Join the next Middle East Investors Summit along with leading regional investors in an intimate environment for a highly focused discussion on the latest investment strategies in the market.

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