Summit: Middle East Investors

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Dieter Niggeler, BhFS Behavioural Finance Solutions & Ramez Sawabini, RGS Global Consulting on avoiding investment failures

Dieter Niggeler, MD, BhFS Behavioural Finance Solutions & Ramez Sawabini, MD, RGS Global Consulting and speakers at the Middle East Investors Summit discuss returning investment portfolio risk profiling to avoid investment failures while realistically managing return expectations. As every investor knows, attractive returns are not achievable without taking risk. For this reason, a clear identification of the investor’s risk awareness and preferences must inform any systematic investment strategy. Furthermore, successful risk management should not only be based on an accurate profiling, but also allow to control risk through hedging and diversification across a comprehensive set of global asset classes. Drawing on the speakers’ extensive knowledge of behavioural finance and its practical application to investment practices, this joint presentation will provide guidance on how to best manage both risk and expectations.

Join the next Middle East Investors Summit along with leading regional investors in an intimate environment for a highly focused discussion on the latest investment strategies in the market.

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