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Markus Gonseth, Infidar Family Office on forecasting thunderstorms on the regulatory and investment-side for 3rd party managers

Markus Gonseth, Infidar Family Office and a speaker at the Elite Summit discusses forecasting thunderstorms or mild showers on the regulatory and investment-side for third party managers. The atmosphere around the private banking sector is one of uncertainty and mistrust. Most family offices, although forced to couple with banks as custodians and service providers, are emphasising their independence to clients who are wary of the scandal and transparency regulation that has been stamped on front pages around the world. As a result, operational models going in a number of directions are beginning to emerge. In this session, one of the largest Swiss family offices is going to present their own forecast of what the future holds for the independent wealth advisor.

Join the next Summit along with leading European family offices and global asset managers in an intimate environment for a focused discussion of key new drivers shaping wealth management strategies today.

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