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Stephen Fern, The G9 Family Office Network on the next generation as socially responsible stewards of the family wealth

Stephen Fern, Chairman, The G9 Family Office Network & VP, Institute of Wealth Management Standards and a speaker at the Elite Summit discusses the empowerment pledge: imparting the next generation with the wisdom to be socially responsible stewards of the family wealth. The next generation wealth holders of the world’s richest families are often disenfranchised by fiduciary structures and philanthropic giving that cedes control of the family wealth to third parties. Whilst supporting the general philosophy of the Gates / Buffet 'Giving Pledge', the G9 has worked with a powerful group of wealth holders and heirs to map out an alternative vision, the ‘Empowering Pledge.

Join the next Summit along with leading European family offices and global asset managers in an intimate environment for a focused discussion of key new drivers shaping wealth management strategies today.

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