Summit: Elite

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Insider Insights Series: First Impressions Count! Sound Investments Require Solid Execution

About the film: Investors from across Europe discuss with Todd Benjamin how Managers can prepare better for their one-to-one meetings.

How Long Do We Have? A meeting is 30 minutes but the Summit is over 3 days. Make sure you are utilising all possibilities to talk some more.

First impressions count! Make sure you've utilised all the tools marcus evans provide you with. Are you spending enough time pre-Summit finding out about the people you're going to meet and how your interests align?

Mistakes 101: Have you identified what really matters to the person sitting in front of you? There's a fine line between missing the key points, highlighting them and describing your 'Fund's Story'. Make sure you're hitting the right note.

Follow-Up: Did you get their number, did they get yours? From non-existent, to too late, to too impersonal. It's all about relationships and trust building. Be clear and ask how follow-up should be executed with that particular Investor.