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Kirby Rosplock, Author of The Complete Family Office Handbook reflects on writing the Complete Family Office Handbook

Kirby Rosplock, Author of The Complete Family Office Handbook and a keynote speaker at the Elite Summit will reveal what inspired her to write the first comprehensive family office guide, integrating the core functional areas of the family office. She will share reflections as a fourth generation owner, inheritor, beneficiary, trustee, family business board member and member of her family’s foundation. Specifically, Kirby will reveal a critical turning point in her family’s enterprising history with the sale of one of the largest privately-owned properties in the state of Florida in 2007. She will bridge her personal experience with her professional experience researching, advising and innovating in the family office realm in a leading multi-family office.

Join the next Summit along with leading European family offices and global asset managers in an intimate environment for a focused discussion of key new drivers shaping wealth management strategies today.

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