Mobile Masters 2014 Winners and Alumni Videos

Presented here are the winners of this years Mobile Masters PROOF Contest and some video updates from those artists included in last years edition of Mobile Masters eBook. Music by the man behind Pixels - Knox Bronson

Mobile Masters PROOF Contest Winners

After quite a long loving journey through thousands of images from 32 countries and 323 individuals we have boiled down the 49 winners. I was surprised at the consistent high level of imagination and skill shown in the work and I come away inspired!

There were many people who were right on the verge of making the cut an no one should come away discouraged to not have made it. Anyway this was more of a collection process for me then a contest. And the mobile movement has really just begun... Your possibilities are endless. And open to all. You probably would not be to surprised to learn some of the best work comes from folks that have not even touch a real camera before.
Once the full blown eBook comes out in May I think most of you will agree... the bar was high.

My objective with this whole crazy idea was to expose the best of what mobile is and can be. To PROVE it has crossed the threshold of acceptability and is establishing itself as a major disrupter in photography's history. The Mobile Movement.

Thanks again for entering and look for the full eBook in May with detailed features and the creative process to each of the 50 unique artists. And don't forget about the Print show at the Empty Spaces Project in Connecticut the month of May.

Thanks Dan Marcolina
IG @marcolina

Here are some more inspiring videos from mobile masters alumni

Here is the final list of artists (a few still missing as we did not get names on the contest form) and judges comments

Allison Grinsdale
Anika Toro
Lynette Jackson
B G Tame
Carla Berger
Caroline C MacMoran
Cecily M Caceu
Cedric Blanchon
Christina Noerdam Andersen
Clifford Wright
Craig Corban
Damian De Souza
Daniel Tepper
Dilshad Abdulla
Dmitry Tolkachev
Ebes Rasyid
Eloise Capet
Eric Mencher
Erik Beck
Ernesto Peña Sanz
Federica Corbelli
Helen Breznik
Janet Matthews
Jason M Flett
Jennifer Thomas
Jerome Boxley
Jose Luis Barcia
Julian Woollatt
Kaily Koutsogiannis
Lee Atwell
Lisa McCarthy
Lola Mitchell
Maia Panos
Matthew Custar
Michael Aporius
Mimi Svanberg
Nettie Edwards
Philip R Parsons
Richard Gray
Robert Pearson-Wright
Roger Guetta
Stephane Arnaud
Tanya Braganti
Todd W Leban
Victor Tan KH
William Sweet
Yifat Ashkenazi

Judges Info

Judges Comments

Koci Hernandez, photographer

I'm still in awe over the work I viewed during the judging process. The highest level of photographic art, being created with mobile phones is astounding. Anybody bemoaning by being surrounded by a sea of mediocre imagery, because of the democracy of the smartphone camera should see this work. Enough said. It's here, it's inspiring, groundbreaking as the device itself. Yeah it's just a tool, and a golden hammer is as good as its handler, but wow, folks are getting great at wielding this new photographic tool! Those using this device are writing an important chapter in the history of photography.

Stephen Perloff, founder Photo Review

Since photography's invention, every new technology has brought a learning curve to what works in creating a satisfying picture. And every leap in technology that has made photography more popular and more accessible - from wet plate to dry plate; from view camera to "detective" camera, to 35mm camera; from 35mm camera to Polaroid and Instamatic; from analog to digital - has spawned more picture takers and more pictures, though the percentage of truly successful ones probably hasn't varied much. The explosion of mobile photography is quite analogous to the early days of digital, when creating some effect with a Photoshop filter did not "rescue" a mediocre picture. It took a while for most artists to figure out how to employ new tools to a new kind of picture making. Likewise, applying a filter or the effects of some app to an image made on a mobile device alone is not enough to make a picture worthy of our consideration. But for some and for the most successful artists here - whether it is presenting a fairly straightforward black-and-white image or cleverly layering multiple images and effects in a way that is well integrated with their pictures' content - mobile photography has already proved to be a fantastic and creative means of expression.

Eric Shiner, director Warhol Museum

It was great to see the wide range of photographs that artists are creating with their smart phones. This is clearly just a hint at what the future holds, and I am definitely looking forward to future developments in the field