Marcolina is now creating inventive interactive books, memorable sales aids and living catalogues for the iPad and Android Slate devices, integrating print, interactive and video experience.
Using great new tools like Adobes Digital Publishing Suite he has completed iPad and Android projects for Adobe, Motorola and a self published interactive iTunes AppBook on iPhoneography called iObsessed Companion.
"Dan Marcolina's IObsessed Companion App is the most dynamic and comprehensive interactive book experience that I have seen. The app illuminates what is possible when you bring together good design, a strong idea, fascinating imagery, video, imagination, and interactivity to a slate platform. Wow." -- Alina Wheeler, Brand Consultant, Speaker, Author and Designer
Our iPad Branding Experience
"The experience, although digital, is more like print. The form factor is more like a book the user can hold (without wires) allowing the viewer direct control with touch. This medium engages the user more because it is more personal. "
How tablet designing pushes traditional barriers:
"Touch, sound, motion, “print design” can now move audiences into an intimate interactive 10-inch space. This requires new thinking, not only scale, placement and color translation, but also navigation, use of sound, motion, iconography. Technical barriers of entry like file size, content viewer platform, iTunes/distribution must be considered. It all goes into shaping the tone and attitude of the brand.
On what good tablet design means for branding:
The tablet offers a full and consistent brand experience. You can be confident that the brand experience is the way you designed it. It is so different than designing for the web, where the playback is altered by size of screen, browser type, connection speed, font limitations. All communication is intentional and not arbitrary. And unlike print-- you get immediate response from a call to action, in addition to analytics on page views. It measures the success of the experience.
How it maximizes Advertising:
Unlike the print and desktop web experience, you can offer unique mobile brand enhancements that take advantage of location, direction, speed, angle of view, time of day, user habits. Brands can offer custom tailored, intimately engaging content. Imagine ads that know your location, time of day, angle of view, speed of travel and your last 10 web searches! As a brand manager, these metrics spawns a whole new approach to connecting with customers. And a whole new complex deployment grid of ad sales are instantly available to "digital publication" ad managers.
I am passionate about design and technology. Designing for the tablet lets me direct and deepen the experience of the viewer. I can create brand "magic" like no other format. Imagine the possibilities: the best design with smart video, engaging experiences, and measurable, interactive assets.
You can download Marcolinas' free interactive iPad portfolio from iTunes called Printeractivideo or visit their sites (flash site) or (ipad site)
About Marcolina Design
Dan Marcolina is one of the recognized early innovators in digital print, interactive and video design. Whether creating brand guidelines, television tiles or web content for clients like Adobe, Discovery Channel, and Business Wire, Marcolina creates a playful elegance that blends technology and concepts across media. His inventive work has been featured in dozens of books and magazines including Communications Arts, Graphis and The Macintosh Bible.
contact Dan at or 215.653.7000

Mobile Masters 2nd Edition iPad eBook

AVAILABLE NOW in iTunes >> Explore over 50 immersive interactive portfolios with over 300 images from some of the best Mobile Photographers from around the world. Hear them speak about their creative vision and how they created each image in their PROOF Portfolio. Each artist also shares links to their favorite artists and resources. You can even follow them on Facebook or email them directly right from the ebook! In addition see video updates on some of last years Mobile Masters and uncover many resources and tutorials to improve your work and get a complete understanding of the current state of the mobile arts. More info

The selection of artist for this new edition was by a notable jury of 3 traditional Fine artist and 3 Mobile Artist. Eric Shiner, Director The Warhol Museum, Stephen Perloff, Founder of the oldest fine art photo journal The Photo Review, Donna Ferrato, Photojournalist, Koci Hernandez, Visual Storyteller and Mobile Master, Karen Divine Fine Arts Photographer and Mobile Master and Dan Marcolina, Founder of The Mobile Masters. Find out more about the contest >

By employing a balance of world class fine arts and mobile photography judges, the goal of this exhibit was to objectively identify and showcase the world’s top artists who are breaking new ground in mobile image discovery and invention. To PROVE the unique results from the form and function of mobile photography has crossed the threshold of acceptability and is a distinctive new movement in the history of the art form. The Mobile Movement.

Mobile Masters is a 2 year old venture to reveal the best art and tech of this new underground mobile photo movement. This year along with another epic Macworld workshop we decided to do an open call for entries into the eBook. This created a way to gather a more diverse and undiscovered group of work. For me it was less of a contest and more of a collection and curation process with a minimal fee to support the creation of this show and folio.

This is the latest in a series of eBooks on the Art of Mobile Photography from Dan Marcolina one of the key figures in the Mobile Movement. Here are just a few comments on his previous works. And see first edition here

Koci Hernandez - From a master to your own master –– There is no better resource or inspiration in the world of mobile photography!

Karen Divine - One of my first introductions to the iPhone was Dan’s book, iPhone Obsessed. It opened pandora’s box and pummeled me into another incredible creative process. It’s very well done and is a must have for anyone looking for inspiration.

Cindy Patrick - Nothing short of amazing!!! Expertly written and beautifully designed, App Alchemy is more than just a how-to guide. It is an indispensable resource for anyone wishing to learn more about the rapidly-growing mobile photography art form. App Alchemy and Dan’s previous book, iPhone Obsessed, should be on any mobile artist’s bookshelf! Highly recommended!

Bob Weil - Winner 2013 IPPA iPhone Photographer of the Year & Co-author The Art of iPhone Photography Dan Marcolina’s iPhone Obsessed was a seminal book and inspiration in my evolution as an artist. Immersing myself in this amazing set of tutorials, I discovered the range of expression that the iPhone made possible. As a pioneer in the iPhoneography phenomenon, Dan had done all the work in identifying the apps every serious iPhoneography needs to have in his toolkit.

Marty Yawnick - Marcolina’s new interactive book, “App Alchemy” is pure magic -- a brilliant new iPhoneography classroom-in-an-app that is fun as well as a highly valuable learning tool, blurring the distinction between an ebook & interactive app.