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New Frameworks for Interpreting Ceramic Objects

A Collaborative Project Between National Centre of Ceramics Studies, Wales and Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales in response to the exhibtion 'Fragile?':

Interpretation should never tell us what to see, think, or feel, it is simply a meeting of two worlds, the ethnography of an object set against that of a viewer. The Fragile? Exhibition; the largest ceramics exhibition ever hosted in Wales, offered a rich and diverse arena in which to explore the idea that we might uncover latent or hidden meaning behind objects, it is just a matter of finding the right language to speak with them.

This project contains the work of four artists, one researcher, one Keeper of Art and two Curators, each invited to apply the methodology of their practice to the interpretation of artefacts that intrigued them within the Fragile? Exhibition.

DIY Manual for Falling in Love with Objects

'Getting to know you'

Heloise Godfrey-Talbot attempts to communicate with an object in the National Museum of Wales after hours. The 10 min film is humourous, poignant and revealing of our human need to construct and transfer meaning to 'things'.

As humans we name and gender our possessions, have meaningful relationships with objects that last decades and when some objects break we feel it as a violence and mourn their loss. There is something playful but also somehow profound and even democratic about trying to communicate with the ‘things’ that are generally seen as
designed to ‘serve’ us. Objects outnumber us humans - why not try and communicate with them?



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