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Maine Scent Secrets- Wicked Scent Wickah

Maine Scent Secrets was founded in 2018 it started with a line of deer scent and scent attractants for hunting bear. Owner Steve Beckwith received a Patten Pending on a new device called the Wicked Scent Wickah that disperses scents with a small battery powered fan across a scent wick. In just one short deer season of use the Wicked Scent Wickah has proven to be super effective1
In 2019 we will be testing it further on deer and Maine's Black Bear, this product when using our Anise Star Oil on the Wicked Wickah's wick will surely be a less expensive way to disperse scent to the bruins nose, just like how it works to drive scent to the nose of the whitetail! Thanks for watching!