Daisy's Children Documentary

The Daisy's Children documentary is a current work in progress. The documentary preview is within this portfolio and scheduled for release May 3, 2014 at the Red Carpet Event at Jonathan's Restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine at 7 PM. The final release is scheduled for the Sanford International Film Festival in Sanford, Maine on May 31st, 2014.

The projected release of the completed documentary is May 15th , 2015. With your support and financial contributions we can make this documentary a reality! Please go to Daisyschildren.org with your support of a financial donation today.

Thank you,
Steve Beckwith - Multitask Websites
Daisy's Children Documentary Producer

Daisy's Children Doumentary Preview

This is a work in progress a documentary film of the past six years of an amazing project that began when one person, a Kindergarten Teacher, from North Berwick,Maine, set out to make a difference for a small village called Concepcion del Norte' where many impoverished children and their families barely survive each day. Deep in the heart of Honduras, this village is located in the mountains of a tropical rain forest region.

Sharon Beckwith founded Daisy’s Children in memory of Deysi Suyapa Madrid Chavez. Deysi (Daisy), was a 24 year old mother of four who died on May 5, 2008 of starvation because she made the selfless decision to feed her four children rather than eat herself.

This documentary is a work in progress your financial support for this project is greatly needed and appreciated, Please contribute to this film works which will help us further educate and provide sustenance for these families! Thank you!