Backscripting: The Right Rx for Pharma

Here is some featured work we did in the areas of pharmaceuticals, health care and medical devices.

In addition, please check out a YouTube page we built for an emerging French Biotech company to help them gain brand awareness as they make a move toward Phase III clinical trials:

So, what is backscripting? It is a style of storytelling where you edit back to a script. The result is much compelling and engaging because it does not feel staged or contrived. After all... it is real!

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Dermagraft: Physician Testimonial

The Challenge: A pharmaceutical company hired us to interview a thought leader about diabetic foot ulcers. The video would be used online as well as at trade shows to educate physicians.

Our Answer: A two camera stylized interview where repeat musical themes act as cues preparing the viewer to experience text or video. Even the type of edits used between the camera angles change, creating uniqueness and visual variety. This is only a small segment of the 8 minutes we created for them.