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Electric Wings by Rafael A. Rodes.

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Electric Wings

by Rafael A. Rodes.

Electric Wings is an installation that plays both with basic traditional animation and advanced computer technology. It consists of 12 sequential bird figures depicting a flight and is made of luminescent wire that in its turn is switched on or off according to a program installed in an Arduino board. Above all, it is an experiment on bringing animation into the real tridimensional world.

Innumerous birds were sketched until the final design was achieved. They had to meet a series of points, such as ease to reproduce, aesthetics, volume and wire length. The final result was reached after coming to the conclusion that the wings should always call for more attention that the body, as they would be responsible for the movement illusion.

In order to achieve the result, a few partnerships were made. The first was with an electric engineer, who was able to setup electric diagrams in order to guarantee proper electric connections and power autonomy. An architect was then consulted in order to build a light and easy to transport structure, that can be setup in different locations with ease.

With the installation complete, two collaborators were brought in for the production of the short film, a director of photography and a musician. Finally, the rooftop of a building resulted in the ideal location to establish both connection and conflict between the ghostly light bird and the city lights at night.

Electric Wings

A light installation that brings animation into the tridimensional world while confronting tradition and innovation.


To bring animation to the tridimensional world. With that goal in mind Electric Wings was born. Composed of a set of 12 bird figures in sequential positions, the installation explores both the very basic principles of animation, and yet at the same time relies on high tech Arduino programing, contrasting tradition and experimentation. The result is captured in a video that confronts the sleeping city lights at night with the ghostly figure of the bird, soaring on the darkness.

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Directed by:
Rafael Aflalo

Cinematography and Editing
Nana Maiolini

Original Soundtrack:
Fernando Werneck
Peter Kolpakov

Director’s Bio:

Rafael is a Brazilian Graphic Designer whose work always found resonance with audiovisuals. His work in animation includes a series of music videos, along with commissioned branded content. He continues to pursuit forms of embedding graphic design’s synthetic power into animation.

Produced in London, 2016, at UAL/LCC.