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Present & Correct by D Zamorano

London College Communication MA Animation is pleased to present 12 new commissioned short animated ad made in collaboration with varied clients . The animators were invited to seek, pitch and create a short animation in collaboration with a chosen client. From more information please read below.

David Zamorano is a Chilean graphic designer & animation director, co-founder & Creative Director at, design and motion graphics studio based in Santiago, where he also worked as a Graphic Design lecturer at Universities.
A colorful journey through a digital world of office sundries and vintage gems that starts through a cellphone, showing a groovie parade displaying the main products of Present and Correct.
2D Animation that that travels through the most characteristic elementes and codes from the graphic world of Present and Correct, showing a digital world full of objects and patterns via a simulated cellphone Application.
Even though they are a trademark with thousands of followers in their social media, they do not have any animation to showcase their work or their products.
That’s the main goal of this first digital animation, to create a distinctive colour and graphics parade that represents P&C main objects along witha final direct message (as their latest sales innovation): “Order Online, pick up in store”.
Direction, Design and Animation: David Zamorano Music: John Hennessy
Pattern illustrations: Isidora Amézaga
Shaped frames stamp illustration: Marek Polakovic
Vimeo Link, Blog Link + Animated GIFS:

Work Experience
Back in Chile, since a couple of years ago I started following P&C on the social networks. I liked their simple and well designed web page along with their extremely careful curation of objects and photographs. Luckily for me, they didn’t have any animation about their work or products.
That’s why I contacted P&C for this client project. I met Neal at his store, the Co Founder and also graphic designer, who along with his Australian partner manages and works at the store.
We talked about animation and a bit of history were we had a lot of similar tastes, I was just coming back from a trip to Berlin and had bought some ex-DDR stamps there, they had the same stamps in their store display. Neal was interested in the project and the ideas, he turned into an excellent client when he gave me total freedom and offered any product of his store for the project.
That was the starting point of a very relaxed way of working, which was kept until the end of the animation.

Marketing / Present and Correct Animation / David Zamorano
Funky, colourfull, ephimeral animations, the promotional short animations designed by Chilean Graphic Designer and current MA Animation student for London based stationary store Present & Correct, manage to translate the love and obsession for vintage office objects and paper gems.
Using a rich combination of colors, graphics and patterns inspired by the products that can be found at P&C, this short object animations take us through a funky dancing parade of stationary products, perfectly sincronyzing the sound with the graphics their movements and transitions.
Simulating a cellphone app., the animation starts with us entering P&C’s illustrated dancing version of products, thoughtfull strategy considering the animation is designed to work as social network adverticing.
Link to video + animated gifs: