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World Naked Bike Ride by Jiaqi Wang

London College Communication MA Animation is pleased to present 12 new commissioned short animated ad made in collaboration with varied clients . The animators were invited to seek, pitch and create a short animation in collaboration with a chosen client. From more information please read below.

World Naked Bike Ride
For clients project I choose to work with WNBR-The World Naked Bike Ride is a global protest
where people cycle naked through cities.The ride is a celebration of bikes and bodies, a protest
against oil dependency and a demonstration of cyclists' vulnerability. I talked with three people
about their experiences of taking part.
All scripts are based on true people and true stories, and these members of WNBR are really kind.
I interview some questions about Why they join this event, what messages they want to deliver.
They have different backgrounds, students, nurses, graphic designers, but they come together join
events.Maybe they have different purposes but this behaviour is a way to refresh community,cheer
people up.
WNBR will be hold on 4th of June Bristol
11th of June London
2nd of July Brighton