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Guide Dogs by Mingzhu Geng

London College Communication MA Animation is pleased to present 12 new commissioned short animated ad made in collaboration with varied clients . The animators were invited to seek, pitch and create a short animation in collaboration with their chosen client. From more information please read below.

This is an animated Ad for a guide dogs charity.It talks about blind people will have better world with guide dogs.
This a very short animated advertisement. It use the first perspective to show how blind people working on street and how does they feel. the director expresses that guide dogs can help blind people to have a more clear world.
Mingzhu Geng is an 2D animator,she is a MA student in London college of communication.
Director Mingzhu Geng

Every hour, another person in the UK goes blind. When someone loses their sight,guide dogs can help them to enjoy the same freedom of movement as everyone else.
So I decide to make an animation about guide dogs. I went to the guide dogs charity and have an interview with their manager. The manager told me more information about guide dogs. For example, How guide dogs are trained and how they work with blind people.
This information really help me to think about the idea.
This animation used the blind people first perspective. It can make audiences feel how blind people feel.